Monday, August 16, 2010

Potato Salad

Dear peeps.
I word to the wise from the foolish. When voluntering to make a crap load of potato salad, make sure you have a pot that is big enough to hold more than 3 potatos. It would go alot faster. Also for making of the bacon, if using more than one pack cut up the bacon first. The time passes by pretty fast if you listen to the starting line and avoid cleaning your bathroom which is what you really should be doing.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Really Random Update

um this pic is rad because you will notice that there is a little child at the river also "feeding" ducks. I say that beacause I may have stolen the bag from him to use the crumbs in the bottom of the bag to throw at the ducks. Yes Yes. I stole bread from a child. he didn't even know. HA HA HA! Also it was cold outside that day. It was probably may sometime so you would think...oh nice spring weather. FALSE! I am totally over the weather here. yuck yuck yuck.

This Kid just sophed herself. . We probably weren't looking at her for like 3 seconds.

Me and Loralei. Shes pretty cute and I needed something cute in a new profile pic for facebook.

Ok. So whats new? Lets see. I'm still at Macys. boring. I was offered a supervisor position but I turned it down because it just wasn't enough money or hours. So I'm still just working there. Its being pretty good to me. My supervisor divided up the womens area where i work between all of us and I'm in charge of status denim which is brands like Lucky, CK, DKNY, and some Style and Co. Anyway, I'm in charge of keeping everything stocked that we have and knowing the difference in brands and keeping it clean. Basically I'm the go-to gal for those brands which is pretty awesome because that stuff is cute yo. So that's macys. Not much new there.

I've found a salon!!!! I'll be taking appointments starting July 13th. I'm pretty excited about it. I have my own business card and everything. weird. The salon is called La Petite Retreat or just Retreat Day spa and Salon. Should be good. So if you need something done, give me a ring.

Really life has been pretty boring in these parts. Oh yeah the other day I was waxing my brows and you guessed it..HOLE! I created a hole in my brow. Heres the funny part about that. I was like umm....i should do something about this so I went and bought some eyebrow pencil and i hated it. I think i got the wrong color and I'm too lazy to take it back cause it was like 1 dollar. So ive had to comb my eyebrow to conceal the hole. pretty awesome if you ask me.

Also keep in mind that my birthday is not that far away....July 1. I'll be the big 25. Weird. ok so let me tell you how I feel about that. ok. Thats how I feel. I'm not where I thought I would be 5 years ago but you know what, its probably a good thing. I'm happy, a litle crazy, and I'm only 25! Also if someone else tells me that I'm half way to 50, please expect an immediate black eye.

on a more serious note. Last week at church our Relief Society Lesson was on the life of Christ. My teacher challenged us to really look at Christs life and his attributes and work on them in our lives. So I decided that I would look at his example of love and see how I could incorporate that into my life. So here's what I did. I found this book at moms house its called the miracle of love. Its old and obviously not published by the church so you know theres some false doctrine in there. However, some very good points were made about love and how to express it and understand it better. (I've always had a hard time expressing it) Anyway so everyday this week I've tried to see what Christ sees in people and love them for who they are. Uh let me tell you this. NOT EASY! Especially since sometimes all Iw ant to do is shake people and say HELLO....Anybody in there? But a great learning experience nontheless. I've reflected back on old relationships with friends and family and whoever else I ever talked to and its been a good thing. So as my teacher challenged me (shout out to Joelyn) I challenge you! It gives me a much better appreciation for the love of my Savior and how even though I do stupid stuff, regardless he still loves me! AWESOME!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Catch up

So I realize that its been awhile. Oops. So I thought that I would give a quick up date. Im still just working at macys. I was at a salon here in town but there was some personal issues that I had with the owner so I eneded up leaving there so now I am looking, or more correctly, thinking about looking at other salons in town. I mostly just haven't had time to look at salons but that is on my to do list for tuesday this week. I've been picking up more hours at macys to stay busy and bring in some dough. 

Tommorrow is my moms birthday so we are having a party for that so that should be a good time. Shes pretty great. Which reminds me, I need to go to the store and get stuff for strawberry shortcake which also reminds me that I made strawberry tiramisu this weekend. It was pretty delicious. As with every recipe that I try there are minor things that I would change but overall pretty impressed. Also this week I am doing a very bad thing. I'm picking out my own haircolor. Yikes. At school we learned to teach our clients to trust us as the professional and to rely on what we are talking about and that we really do know whats best and that sometimes picking out your own haircolor can be bad. You have a totally different perspective as a client with the same knowledge than a stylist. It's weird how it works out. So anyway I'm feeling ballsy and I'm breaking my own rule. I always tell my clients not to do their own hair. Whether its color or bangs. Because lets be honest guys, the bangs always end up too short! Right Roz? So anway I'm going to be a hypocrite this week but I don't even care about it because I can't stand my hair. At least Im not cutting it myself cause that would be bad. I've thought about it. But no, that's one rule I won't break.

So anyway things are going good. Just getting life together. It seems to never end. Also if you're in the area best thing ever....boutiful baskets. Awesome.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

this pic is just funny. You can store your kids in it!!!


So dear friends. I have started a new addiction. It's quilting. I am just about to get the top done on my first quilt and I started a block of the month club. Now I have a sister who got some information about a fabric chain. All you do is mail out to 4 different people 2 6x6 Blocks. They aren't sewed together or anything. Just cute fabric. The idea is that if the chain doesn't break then you'll get back 72 6x6 blocks which is enough to make a fun quilt. So moral of this story is if you want to be included let me know or if you know of anyone who would be interested.It should be pretty fun. Plus the blocks are purple which is my favorite color so that should be rad.

These pics are for my block of the month class. As soon as I get my top finished for my other quilt then I will post pics of that too. Since I get the world wide web at my apartment tomorrow! HOORAY!!! I can't wait. I haven't missed it terribly but I do miss it a little. And I miss my tv shows. I have learned to enjoy bed much more now that I don't have the w.w.w but it's all good. I'll Still like bed.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flossies Kitchen

Jill has started a blog with recipes from Great Grandma Denning's cook book. If you are interested in following it and getting some good recipe ideas then go here you'll learn more about it there.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

4 Things

Dear Friends and Family.
I saw this on a blog and i love reading these things from other people so I thought that i would share mine with you.

4 shows I like to watch:
The Big Bang Theroy
Modern Family
 I'm totally digging comedy latetly. I LOVE IT!

4 things I am passionate about:
Finding good deals at Macys
my family
Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla

4phrases I say a lot:
Google it
would you like to put this on your macys card?
ugh. (i know its not a phrase but i do say it alot)

4 things I have learned, am learning:
sometimes what you want isn't what is the best for you.
don't wash pens with your clothes cause when you open it it will leak all over you while you are trying to write in your journal.
hair. it's never ending and I can't believe it. I'm so excited that i finally got my act together and finished school
Lots of times i don't see the Lord's hand in my life until after the fact and then i can see the tender mercies that were give to me. I'm working on realizing those sooner and being grateful for them now.

4 places I would like to go:

4 things I did yesterday:
filed my taxes
made peanut butter rice krispies
watched Taken. pretty good movie

4 things I am looking forward to:
 finding an apartment
Not being sick
my taxescoming back to me
the future
4 things I love about winter:
an excuse to have good windshield wipers
the cabin

4 things on my wish list
new straight iron
new blow dryer
new clippers
new sheets

4 people I tag
In other news.. I've decided not to move to Boise.I'm not really sure why but I feel confident that this is what the Lord would have me do. So my plas are as follows. I'll continue to work at macy's about 28 hours a week and also working at Salon H. Davis here in Idaho Falls part time (if you want anything done let me know). I'm pretty stoked about the changes in my life. I feel that now that I have the worry and wondering about Boise out of my head I can finally get back to the things that make me me. It's been pretty awesome. So I'll be getting an apartment here in Idaho Falls somewhere. I'm beginning to look and there is alot to choose from. I just wish that I had unlimited funds. That would be grand. So that is what is new with me. I'm loving life (not right this second cause I've been sick with the stomach flu the last couple days) and can't wait for what's in store for me!!!
My one goal this week is to find my battery charger for my camera and take some pictures for you folks.