Monday, August 16, 2010

Potato Salad

Dear peeps.
I word to the wise from the foolish. When voluntering to make a crap load of potato salad, make sure you have a pot that is big enough to hold more than 3 potatos. It would go alot faster. Also for making of the bacon, if using more than one pack cut up the bacon first. The time passes by pretty fast if you listen to the starting line and avoid cleaning your bathroom which is what you really should be doing.


Julia said...

Dear Nellie, I have also found that it is helpful if you have the hardboiled eggs that go inside the potato salad before you begin to make it. Otherwise you have to make them the next day and make your sister cut them up and throw them in for you. And as far a cleaning the bathroom,I find the need to breath to be a good excuse not too.

NelliePrice said...

dear julia, i will have you know i did boil the eggs the day before. I didn't put the whole salad together until the day of you foolio. Dont worry i still haven't cleaned the bathroom.